Electric Stitching Instrument


Electric Zipper Tool for Truck Tire



Voltage 24V
Motor diameter 45 mm
Motor length 75 mm
Deceleration ratio 111
  • DC motor: 24V direct current motor, which supplies the power for this tool. It provides reliable, safe and constant torque power for jointing gear. 

    Set screw: Adjust the gap between jointing gear and thread roll. Clockwise adjust will make the gap bigger, vice versa. 

    Start switch: it is an inching switch, which is the start running switch of DC motor. 

    Disc spring: Adopt German brand. The pressure can be adjusted at wide range. 

    Pressure adjusting bolt: Adjust the pressure between jointing gear and thread roll. 

    Oil injecting hole: Inject lubrication grease once a month and the grease cannot overflow. 

    Two-direction switch: The motor can reverse rotate at special situation (such as steel wire squeeze)

    Power: The power must be grounded. The power of this tool has overload protection. It can protect the motor in case of wrong using method. 

    Straight tooth gear has the advantage of long service life and stable working. Jointing gear is applied by anti-corrosion grease, it should be cleaned before starting to use, avoiding influence the splicer quality. 

    Full closed SS switch bracket can prevent button from mechanical damage. 


  • Power Resource     


    Motor Voltage


    Revolving Speed

    50~60 r/min



    Rotation Direction   

    Left-handed Rotation( Anti-clockwise turn)


    Left-hand or Right-hand

    Net Weight    

    5 kg