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Electric Stitching Instrument
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Product Details

One. Switching Power Supply

When using the instrument, please tightly install the power cord on the AC adapter. Poor contact may result in the damage to the power adapter. Next, connect the output end to the stitching instrument spring wire with a joint and securely fix it to prevent from falling out. Finally, the power switch needs to be fixed to the body of the molding machine to prevent falling and hurting people.

Two. Start Button Installation Protective Box

.The start button is the start-up switch of the DC power motor; after pressing, the power motor starts, and the sewing wheel is driven to perform the stitching work. When an abnormal situation is encountered during the stitching, please release the start button and rotate the twodirection switch to the right till the bottom, and then press the start button. At this time, the drive motor drives the stitching wheel to rotate in the reverse direction, so as for the stitching instrument to exit the stitching position, which is convenient for handling abnormalities.

Three. Pressure Adjustment Mechanism

When stitching the curtain fabric, if the stitching is not firm, please release the lock nut and rotate the pressure-adjusting bolt to the right to increase the pressure. After adjusting the stitching pressure, tighten the lock nut. If the stitching pressure is too large, rotate the pressure regulating nut to the left to reduce the sewing pressure. After the sewing pressure is adjusted properly, tighten the lock nut.

By rotating the set screw, adjust the gap between the threaded roller and the stitching gear installed at the front end of the indenter. The initial clearance of the factory is about 0.5mm, and the adjustment should not be less than 0.3mm. When the curtain fabric has great thickness, properly adjust the gap and then tighten the butterfly nut to prevent the set screw from loosening

Four. Stitching Mechanism

Before using this instrument for the first time, please clean the antirust oil on the surface of the stitching gear and the threaded roller, so as to avoid poor joint stitching.

The stitching wheel is driven by a motor. Through self-rotating, it drives the curtain fabric to be stitched. When the stitching wheel rotates, it is strictly prohibited to contact by the hand or other body parts, so as to prevent mechanical injury

Five. Power Mechanism

The drive mechanism consists of a motor and a reducer. Do notprivately disassemble it. If maintenance is required, please contact theprofessional for repair and replacement, so to avoid possible injury.

Six. Safety Requirements

During the instrument operation or adjustment, do not contact the rotating part by hand or other body parts, so as to avoid injury.